Re: Even more dynamic spec procs?

From: Mike Stilson (
Date: 09/19/02

On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 03:07:13PM -0500, Patrick Dughi wrote:
>        - Win32/Xwindows 'Circlemud' Client, with nifty built-ins that
>zmud/etc can't duplicate?
>        - Abilitity to either travel between, or fight with other muds
>(Dark Age of Camelot / B.R.E)?
>        - Graphical capabilities? (no, not pueblo)
>        Anything .. well.. 'minor' anyone can think of?

Ok, it's an oldish thread, but I gave some thought to my original reply
to this part, and I found a spare half hour and wrote (a rough)
server/client for my idea about a circle metaserver, basically to give
people somewhere to just log onto, see what muds are connected, their
address, uptime, and number of players.  I've only tested it locally but
it works here.  The list portion is just a plain, simple tcp port,
connect with telnet, you can type "list", "quit", and even chat to the
other anonymous connections (well, it's pretty much like gossip on a

The client portion is pretty small (40 lines of code in 2 functions and
a new structure), called once a minute from heartbeat().

It opens up a persistent udp connection, and sends one small packet
built on the fly.

Just wondered if there's any interest in this.

>                                        PjD

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