[newbie?] ideas and questions and discussion and stuff (long!)

From: Arjay Hwang (pixelpicasso_pizzicato@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: 09/20/02

Hey everyone :)

I just added a new command to my mud - 'search', I
did all the necessary stuff to add it to interpreter.c
and such, then I added a new flag to the items,
bitvector u (it would be different for you) called
ITEM_HIDDEN, then in the ACMD(do_search) I did a look
through all the objects in the room, and if any of
them are flagged as hidden, it removes the flag and
puts it into the users inventory. Of course, things
with that flag are not visible until the user types
'search'. Feel free to add it to your muds, if you
want the sourcecode just say so :) Its been working
really well on me, I use it for quests and special
items and such.


My mud has a big thing about quests, and I want to
implement something so each quest has some sort of
string that gets saved into the playerfile when they
complete the quest. I haven't put it in yet, but this
is how I'll want it to be setup,
:: user completes quest
:: over the grats channel (or maybe quests?) the thing

:: will say something like '$n has completed the %s
:: Saves the quest string into the player file
:: when user types 'quests' it lists all the quests
   that he has completed
:: Having this in the file will make it so the user
   can't complete the quest more than once
:: I could make a function for having completed the
   quest, so rather than put all the stuff into the
   spec proc that handles it I can just have a thing
   like has_done_quest, which then sees which quest it
   is and dishes out the 'reward' accordingly, using
   like a case or something.

Anyone think this is a good idea, any suggestions on
how I can make it better or tips on how to do it or
anything? Thanks :D


My mag materials thing seemed to fix itself up, I have
no idea what I did unfortunately, because it happened
after I'd done a heap of spec procs and had done a lot
of code. But after recompile the objects came back.
Problem is now, the mag_materials thing still doesn't
work, if they don't have it then for some reason user
will create a set of bronze leggings(stock) and if
they do have the right materials the whole mud crashes
*sigh* I've looked through all the past threads in
reference to mag_materials and I'm pretty sure I did
it ok... heres the code

   if (mag_materials(ch, 3124, 3125, -1, TRUE, TRUE))
    z = 3129;
    } else {
    send_to_char(ch, "You need the right ingredients
to do this.\r\n");

When I do it it sends me the 'your hair falls out' or
the 'you get a wart' message, but also creates the
bronze leggings, and I can't see anywhere in the code
the vnum for bronze leggings :P


heres another spell I made you can use if you want,
really basic but people seem to like it and you can
have lots of possibilities with it :) Feel free to put
it into your mud

    switch (rand_number(0, 4)) {
     case 0:
     z = 3137;
     case 1:
     z = 3138;
     case 2:
     z = 3139;
     case 3:
     z = 3140;
     case 4:
     z = 3141;

Okay sorry for the length of this, I just felt like
sharing my ideas and discussing Circlemud :)


_           _
(\o/) Arjay (\o/)
 /_\  Hwang  /_\

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