Skills and Spells Trainer

From: Carlton Colter (carlton@COLTER.COM)
Date: 09/20/02

I have mod'd DG SCripts into my circle code, and I have also added two new
lines to my char file:
  bool skills_learned[MAX_SKILLS+1]; /* Boolean for know the skill\spell */
  byte skills_level[MAX_SKILLS+1]; /* Level they get the spell */
and changed utils.h to have the following definitions:
  #define GET_SKILL_LEARNED(ch, i) --- returns weather they know it
  #define GET_SKILL_LEVEL(ch, i) --- returns level from the char file

I have changed all the minlevel references to GET_SKILL_LEVEL(ch,i) and it
works well.  The skills are pushed in do_start and the old spell functions
to set the levels have been removed.  So now the levels that a character
gets spells are pushed when they create their character.  My new spell
system works well.

The reason for doing this is that I wrote some remort code and I wanted a
random skill to decrease in the required level by 1d4 levels.  The learned
was so that I can add a trainer accross the mud to train skills or spells.
Which brings me to my real question... How do I do that?

I really want to be able to specify numerous pre-requisites before being
taught a specific skill or spell, like class, level, remort level, certain
percentages in certain spells or skills, having certain spells or skills.
And most of all I wan't to be able to use DG Scripts to do it so I can set
up my trainer mobs around the zone and have them each customized and tuned
a different way.  However, in order to do that I would have to add a DG
Script command that can take variables.  And for that I have no clue as to
how to do it.  I'm not sure I am going about this the best way, and as
always any insight as to how to get this done would be greatly


Carlton Colter

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