Re: update to README.CYGWIN

From: ogo (
Date: 09/26/02

The key to installing Cygwin is mounting the /tmp and so forth.  A readme
file for Cygwin should at a minimum include that vital piece of info. (If I
missed that in your post please forgive me.  It's late.)  Also, you must
select the proper tools before downloading cygwin. Those that could download
Cygwin with the proper tools, have it mount properly, and compile / then
make circlemud base on your instructions really do not need your

You ask for recommendations, and here is one:
Tell those that might dl cyg which tools to include,
and tell those that might dl cyg how to complete the drive mount process.

I'm not a programmer and had to slug my way through two versions of
Cygnus/Cygwin. And as such a sorry hack , I can say your suggested readme
file needs some flesh.

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