Re: update to README.CYGWIN

From: ogo (
Date: 09/28/02

"The latest version has changed from what you are used to, the old version
really was much harder." nw

 I DID dl the latest CYGWIN and currently test code on a cygwin/bpl21 server at home.
(I also have a research mud on the beta cygnus using the bpl17.)

"The required downloads/tools I consider too advanced for this readme,
simply selecting defaults works fine..."

Friendly suggestion based on my fastly declining memory,  does the default cygwin include the "patch" command?  I remember I had to add that later, but can't remember if that was my own fault/omission or if it simply isn't included in the default.  If it is NOT part of default, maybe you could add an addendum to the improved readme that explains how to add the patch command?  If it is included in the default, well I apologize for the wasted space of this comment.

The readme.cygwin definitely needs an update.  Best of luck and good work.

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