Re: [Newbie][Semi-Long]Advance Bug HELP!

From: Ray Campbell (
Date: 09/29/02

> When I try to advance someone to level 101 (this is a 110 level system) it
> puts them at level 110, imp. When I try to advance to 102, it doesn't do
> anything. Same as 103, 104, 105, 106 (youllhave to excuse me, I'm testing
> all the immortal levels right now), 107, 108, 109, and 110. I dont get
> is going on. Code doesn't look wrong. Exp tables are set I believe. I dont
> know what else there is. I'll put the code for advance down below:
I had this problem some time ago,  go back into (class.c I believe) where
Circle holds all the tables, thac0, titles, etc. Make sure there is one for
every level
in the mud, I *believe* it was thac0 in particular that caused the problem,
so check that
first and it should be fine.

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