Re: Currency System Revisited

From: Greg Buxton (
Date: 10/06/02

>I'm afraid it's worse than that.  You can't have variable-sized player
records in CircleMUD's
>binary pfile system, which would result from storing such a data
structure.  Since player records
>are all the same size, loading a player is a simple matter of seek to
the beginning of his location
>in the pfile, read a char_file_u-sized chunk of binary data, and copy
it into a char_data structure.

To quote Homer Simpson ... 'Doh.'

That's what I get for writing up information at 3am.  The worse thing is
I know that. =P

>It should probably be one of our highest post-3.1 priorities to
introduce a more flexible, general
>format for player data either in addition to, as an alternative to, or
as a replacement for the
>binary pfile system.


I guess I'm just spoiled as every mud I've coded on has had an
alternative format (XML on Dragon's Fang and ASCII on Shadows. =P)

- Greg Buton
Shadows of Amber 5000

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