Re: DG Script problem

From: Carlton Colter (carlton@COLTER.COM)
Date: 10/07/02

In my nanny proc I have:

/* with the copyover patch, this next line goes in enter_player_game() */
GET_ID(d->character) = GET_IDNUM(d->character);

Isn't that what pulls the ID over??  And isn't that correct?

I took a closer look at find_replacement, and put some major mudlogs into
each step. Just so I could trace where it was going and what values were
being passed or set.  I noticed that when my trigger fires it doesn't
always treat it as though there is a vd.  The
if (vd)
statement.. there should always be a vd, and it doesn't always think there
is.  And when it thinks there is no vd, it fails and uses the mob's short
name.  But vd should always exists.  Any help is greatly appreciated...
thank you.


>Check your interpreter.c file and make sure that your assigning
>the character's id correctly.  I had the same problem a while back
>when I first put in Copyover.
>>Actually even if I do a simple script like that and create a new
>>character for testing... If I keep going in and out of the room eventually
>>it says the short description for the mob instead of the character's
>>name.. Is there any way I can make it where it doesn't screw up like

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