Re: Triggers do not always load

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 10/08/02

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002, Carlton Colter wrote:

> For some reason my triggers do not always load.  If I do a tlist they show
> up, but if I try and edit it, it gives me a brand new trigger.

Known bug, fixed in pl9, here's the pl9 real_trigger:

/* returns the real number of the trigger with given virtual number */
int real_trigger(int vnum)
  int bot = 0, mid;
  int top = top_of_trigt-1;

  /* perform binary search on trigger-table */
  for (;;) {
    mid = (bot + top) / 2;

  /* Thanks to Derek Fisk for fixing this loop */
    if (bot > top)
      return (NOTHING);
    if (trig_index[mid]->vnum == vnum)
      return (mid);
    if (trig_index[mid]->vnum > vnum)
      top = mid - 1;
      bot = mid + 1;

The problem causing the 'unknown trigger blah' bugs is due to the fact
that top_of_trigt is actually out of range. Setting top to top_of_trigt-1
seems to take care of it.



P.S. doing a search on the keyword trigger in the archive and looking just
one week back would have given you this answer.

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