Introduction code: names

From: Templar Viper (
Date: 10/10/02

I've managed to succesfully create most of the introduction code,
but there are two things that I don't know how to handle. There
are two character strings containing the description of the player,
so, for example, "A short (feature 1), stocky(feature 2) male dwarf 
is standing here" is possible. This is displayed when one player
does not know the other. However, I want to make players be able
to use commands on eachother, even though they do not know 
eachother. (So, for instance, the introduce command can be used)
Now the player can only use the actual name of the character to 
use these. So, how do I do this?
The second problem is that I want objects with player names in 
them, such as corpses, to display the appropriate name. I don't
know how to do this, since when the corpse is generated, a string
is writing into it. So it can be the player name, the feature string, 
but not dependand on who the player knows. So how do I make 
objects interactive? 
Thanks for any response.

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