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From: The Fungi (
Date: 10/12/02

On Sat, Oct 12, 2002 at 05:13:09AM -0700, Mathew Earle Reuther wrote:
> If you'll settle for the latest 21 cvs, you can get most of that
> in an easily patchable form at
> . . . no
> buildwalk, but that's about a 15 minute archive search and 20 of
> modifying the patch from the ftp site to reflect changes.  Color
> is literally about a 15 minute patch.  (Making the actualy color
> code changes in your code takes a while, of course.)

Actually, it's up to bpl22 now. It says cvs2002100407 but that's
just to keep the CVS package versioning consistent since there was
no CVS snapshot as recent as the bpl22 release. Also, I got a
separate domain for it, so now the URL is shorter too:

Just untar the "CVS snapshot" (really 3.0bpl22 at the moment), then
patch in oasisolc, dgscripts and ascii (in that order). The other
patches in there, minimud and debian-daemon are useful in packaging
for Debian, and the shadowrealm patch is my MUD under development.

At the moment the only thing of note shadowrealm implements is
races, but it has some other things only partially implemented so I
wouldn't suggest it for a production game. Mainly, classes are
disabled but not removed yet and the nanny menus are incomplete. I
will make an announcement and upload it to the circlemud site when
the patch reaches 1.0 release status.
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