Re: [code] compiling errors

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 10/12/02

On Sun, 13 Oct 2002, Ben D Heise wrote:

> I had to run the configure script twice, and run make twice.

Well, that's a spectacular symptom!

Running configure twice shouldn't impact anything.  It will just load the
configuration parameters from config.cache and not bother regenerating
conf.h (since it'd be the same, anyway).  Running make twice will have
exactly no impact -- it doesn't change anything that would cause the build
to suddenly work, so if a file fails to build when you run 'make' the
first time, running it again without modifying the file shouldn't produce
different results.

When you run configure, is it trying to build with cc or gcc?  Try setting
CC before running configure:

  $ rm config.* src/conf.h
  $ CC=gcc ./configure
  $ (cd src; make)

If that still doesn't do the trick, send me (off-list) the generated
config.log file.


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