New fighting system

From: Izham Syah Mahrome (doomvoid@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 10/16/02

hello, this would really my first message. (i hope this not be a stupid
question *chuckle*)
i would want to make a new fighting system but i dont know how to do it.
what i want to do is when the char uses skills/spells during the fight then
they would not be attacking at that round. presently you can use the
skill/spell and still have a fighting round. to make it more clearer this
is an example:

> kick cityguard
Your kick hits the cityguard in the solar plexus!

The cityguard tries to slash you -- how rude!
You hit the cityguard extremely hard. /* i want so that the person lose
his/her turn here instead*/

The cityguard tries to slash you -- how rude!
You wildly punch at the air, missing the cityguard. /* then after miss one
turn then only they can continue fighting if they dont use their
skill/spell */

i dont want to use WAIT_STATE(victim, PULSE_VIOLENCE) for each of the
skill/spell because this will prevent any command from being used
afterwards. eg. if i used kick command, and then immediately if i try to
say something, the words will only come out after the PULSE_VIOLENCE ended.

another way i thought of would be putting a GET_POS(victim) = POS_SITTING
after the skill/spell use but this will then makes the victim to suffer
more damage because being in SITTING position.

so any suggestions ladies and gentlemens?

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