Re: DoS Attack through MUD...

From: Tseran (
Date: 10/17/02

On the lower limit of players:

Not a bad idea under normal circumstances, but I think its best to take
the maximum number of players you see on your MUD on a good day, and
have quadruple that many max.  Room to grow as it were.

On the not allowing multiple people per IP:

Always a good idea to have this implemented so that you can do this.
However, there are 2 problems with that kind of code.  Some
universities use a proxy server, so there may be potentially hundreds
of people playing on your MUD from the same IP and be different people.
  Also, a lot of people now use routers with their broadband internet so
that they and the entire household can share one connection, which can
mean LOTS of people depending on how many roomies you have.  What I
would suggest is making a new ban level.  If you make a ban multi, then
you can ban multi at a certain IP when you see it is abusing it.
That's the way I did it.  It doesn't affect any player, until they
become a problem.  Too bad a router will confuse an ident scan.  That
would actually be the best way to stop DoS spammers...check to see if
its the same ident and then ignore it.

On the timer for the menu:

I wish I had thought of that one myself, but personally, I would make
it 10 minutes.  If you are just gonna sit at the menu for THAT long,
why not just log off?


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