Metaserver client code

From: Mike Stilson (
Date: 10/20/02

I just uploaded what I'm hoping is version-1 final of my metaserver
client code.  For those that missed what this is, it's a drop-in file
(client.c) that will let your mud be listed on another server.  The
listing shows the mud name, users, uptime, ip, port, fqdn.

The idea is to have somewhere that running muds can be listed, people
can connect to with any simple telnet-like client (most mudclients can
do this) see what muds there are, pick one and give it a try.

It's been running functionally on a couple muds for enough time while I
hammered out some bugs and worked on some functionality of the server.
Currently it's running on 3 muds, compiles on cygwin, and thanks to alex
it's working on solaris now, too.

It does take some setting up, but I think between the readme and the
comments in the file it's not too hard to follow. (Basically, make one
choice whether you want a persistent udp connection or not, then filling
in your mudname and if you have any dynamic dns.)

To see the listing, just connect to  the
limited commands are commented there.

If you're interested in getting it before it's moved, you can grab the
files/tarball from my ftp site at

If enough people like this and want to use it, I'll go get some
publicity for it from somewhere like mudconnector or something.  Also,
I've been given ideas for some other features to add, but I'm not going
to put that in until I see if it's worth the effort.  (Note: the most
requested idea is to act as a redirector.  Although it's possible, it
would take some real wicked hack to nanny() so I could tell the mud the
player's real ip, and I'm not sure I wanna do it, let alone other
admins probably wouldn't be totally thrilled.)


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