Re: Serious problem with the fighting system..

From: Ray Campbell (
Date: 10/20/02

> the thing is, despite he had 30 hitroll/15 damroll and was level 100 (100
> and the mob only had +50 ac, he could not hit the mob, something is really
wrong, and >another thing.. the minimum object level isn't working either..
if the object is minimum 85, >and the char is 50.. he can equip it anyway..
help, off-list is just fine also :) thanx :)
The problem with not being able to hit mobs lies in your thac0 tables.
Without seeing some code, I'm not sure about the object levels, my best
guess would
be that somewhere, when you added levels you messed up, either by not addint
thac0's for those levels (most likely? they're awful long and most people
forget), or
forgeting the xp for the levels you've added.  Check around in class.c and
make sure
all your levels have been added to the proper tables, you'd be surprised how
much this throws things off, and it's quite a common problem.

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