Re: [Off Topic] Best of Circle

From: Jeremy M. (
Date: 10/26/02

"Is there currently any effort to maintain a 'best of' or
'bleeding edge' distribution of Circle? "


There used to be a coder who dedicated quite a bit of his time to keeping a
few circle packages put together with the lastest and greatest major

Copyover, Oasis OLC, Aedit, dg scripting, Ascii Pfiles, etc.

However, I haven't seen nor heard from Del ( for
several months. I however, have access to a machine with a high speed
connection and large amount of resources to maintain a website for
distribution of any developed Circle sources as well as develop them.  If I
can find an "Experienced" Circle coder to aid me in my own ventures, I have
every intention of submitting the developed stock circle updates to the ftp
site and of course our website. I actually enjoy making patch files and
could feasibly (with the right coder) make a set of patches to
systematically add in the "Cutting edge" patches or what not.

Jeremy M. aka Armageddon

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