Re: [CVS] Setting up for development

From: Jeremy M. (
Date: 10/28/02


>Everything you need to know is there. =)


Actually, with the help of a friend we managed to get it up and running.
While we were working on it, I documented what we did. I'm going to go ahead
and paste it here so others may see it, however keep in mind, the machine I
am on is a linux box with CVS already installed, and in use by several other
muds. So if your trying to install CVS, then you need to check out the site
Greg mentioned.

Special Thanks to Morgana<Age of Discovery MUD>
for her helping me learn this chaos!

Here's the instruction file:
This file is intended to ADD a mud source to the repository as well as
change which users have access to this repository for the purpose of
developing the mud source. This may differ slightly from machine to machine.
And this takes into account you have already installed CVS.
Step 1:

In .bash_profile ADD: CVSROOT=/home/username/.cvsroot
and in the export path add:


Then log out and relog in to set the variable and relog in.

Step 2:

cd into the directory you want under CVS control and type:
mkdir .cvsroot then cd .cvsroot/ and mkdir CVSROOT
cd back to you home directory.

/* This normally goes in the home directory of the mud account */

Step 3:

cd to the directory you want to be under CVS control and type:

cvs import -m "Wotmud added to repository" wotmud wotmud start

/* You'll see your files being added and a message should come up */
/* that says: No conflicts created by this import. */

Step 4: (This requires root access)

Now go into your etc/group file, change your mainmud account name to:


And that should be it! :)


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