Re: backdoor question

From: Ronald Fenner (
Date: 10/29/02

On Tuesday, October 29, 2002, at 08:53  AM, Alysia wrote:

> The guy who did this walked away with a copy of the mud and is more
> than welcome to put it up and use it, I never treated this person
> badly, but he did violate my trust on numerous occasions. The straw
> that broke the camels back was giving out immortal passwords to a
> specific mortal. Just be careful, i think this was the worst thing i
> could possibly think of happening.
If your really concerned about keeping an eye on what is being added to
your source learn to use CVS or some other source version control. If
you can you might set it up so that they can check in/out remotely
granted this means that anyone could get a copy if they know an
authorized users id and password they at least they can not mess up the
account where the mud is hosted. By using CVS you yourself can control
what gets into the binary by only letting your coders commit changes to
the code but not compile it for the running mud. When they have
notified you of changes that need to be added you could look at the
diff for the files that were changed and see what exactly is being
added and hopefully if they added code for their own gain you'll know
it and be able to cut their access to CVS.

Now wouldn't  it be nice if someone wrote a nice little program that
ran on top of CVS to make it easier to do all this.


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