Re: [CVS] Hellish problems.

From: Jeremy M. (
Date: 10/30/02

Ok, after reading through the replies, I changed the file,
removed the repository, added the new one and recompiled only to get the
same error as before after a cvs checkout. However, atleast when I compiled
this time around I didn't have to readd races.c and races.o to the Makefile.
  (Thanks Mith) What happened  however was that the mud was compiling
perfectly under the wotmud/ account when it should have been giving me the
very same error as it was on the riodan account.

After closer examination of the code, I found that I had indeed forgotten to
declare racename.  I promptly inserted:

char racename[10];

into showplay.c, recompiled and it was fixed. So then I just added
showplay.c to the cvs repository with the new changes and all seems to be
well. :P

The thing that strikes me odd about this whole fiasco is that it DID NOT
error out on the main source and it seems to me it should have. I'm still
confused as to why it did that..  It's almost like the code is haunted. :P

Thanks for all your help everyone, you each had great suggestions which
helped not only me determine what was going on, but most likely helped any
others struggling with CVS or Makefile issues. :P

Jeremy M. aka Riodan

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