Re: [Newbie] Problem with structures.

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 10/31/02

>Are the dependencies set right? Maybe you should just do a 'make
>clean' and recompile the whole thing. It 'really' smells like that
>in some objects files there is still the 'old' structure of
>player_data and in others is your modified one.

If you are using MSVC and have incremental compiling turned on, there
is a distinct bug I found a year or two ago:

If you change a data type to another type of the same size (I had
changed a float to a long, but I would imagine it applies to structs
as well, if the size of the struct doesn't change), it does not
recompile the data type change.  I was getting float values in
a long, and it took someone who could understand the disassembly
to figure it out for me :/

So I concur that you should first delete all the object files.
And if you have incremental compiling turned on, turn it off.
Then let us know if you still get the problem.

I'd also turn off incremental linking as well, just to be safe.
Circle isn't THAT big, after all, so the extra compile/link time
is quite bearable.

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