Re: [CODE] New DG script patches out.

From: Mythran (
Date: 11/01/02

>   General OLC enhancements:
>   Note: The additions below are 'general' OLC enhancements.
>   I added them in my running code, for it to work as a fullscale builder
> port.
>   When these items are available in an OasisOLC patch of their own, they
> will
>   be removed from my patches. Until then, I guess this is OasisOLC 2.0.2,
> sortof.
>     Added list commands for rooms/objs/mobs
>     Added dig/rclone/buildwalk commands
>     Added more info (vnums) when ROOMFLAGS toggle is on.
>     Fixed copy_ex_descriptions() and copy_room_strings() crash bugs when
> desc==NULL.
>     Added can_edit_zone() function.
>     Made create_new_zone save to disk right away.
>     Fixed zedit !=NOWHERE -> ==NOWHERE bug
>     Added oedit 'abort quit' option.
>     Fixed small OasisOLC bug - unaffect now removes all affects, including
>       flags from items, at least until next save.

So, hmph...which OasisOLC bugs did you fix?  I need to know what you did so I can
implement it if I had not already done so in the OasisOLC package...

:P Good Work on the DGScripts Package :{P

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