Re: Upgrading (Starting completly over)

From: Jeremy M. (
Date: 11/05/02

>On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Kevin Dethlefs wrote:
> > Also, I am sure that this was answered before hand, but I heard copyover
> > work for versions past BPL20. Is this true? And if it's not, are their
> > changes to the copyover code needed to work for it?
>I can confirm that copyover works with bpl22, as do OLC 2.0.1, dg_scripts
>pl8 and 9, ascii pfiles, and assorted other stuff.  Several things won't
>patch cleanly, (like many of the colorization snippets), but they can
>usually be bludgeoned into working.

Actually, If your looking for a Circle packaged with all that stuff in it, is your answer, there's a
release there called Circlesumomo.tar.gz (or something similar) which houses
most of what you want. The compile has a few errors, but it's nothing
serious to fix. I can't recall off hand what the first error was, but one
was a simple case of multiple defines, which requires a simple edit of olc.h
(I think).  I was about to start over when one of my coders pulled off a
miracle and managed to get Aedit in on my patch level 17.  I tested the
sumomo.tar.gz files, and all seemed to be well. Although chances are,
whomever put together this patch did not change the constants.c and
structs.h stuff to correspond with the proper status messages while doing a
users -d.


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