Re: ** OVERFLOW **

From: Jesse Becker (
Date: 11/11/02

On Sun, 10 Nov 2002, Templar Viper wrote:
> From: "tap3w0rm" <tap3_w0rm@ATTBI.COM>
> > after adding the 128 bot patch i am getting overflows all the time
> > my score screen is always cit in 1/2 with an over flow in it....
> The 128bit patch doesn't alter anything that has to do with buffer sizes
> (At least not that I know of), so you should probably look for your
> problem in an another patch.
> > is there a way to increase the text buffer so i dont get the overflow
> > any more
> It is not a good idea to increase text buffer size, since it's probably a
> deeper problem that's the cause, and increasing the text buffer size
> will only remove the results of that bug. My two cents.

Hmm... I can reliably cause an **OVERFLOW** message in *stock*
CircleMud30bpl22.  Compile the stock code from, and run
'skillset'.  It overflows every time (unless you change the buffer size).

I don't use the 128 bit patch, but one thing that I've found in my own
tinkering with various bitvectors (mostly adding more AFF_ flags) is that
things like 'stat' may have overflow errors due to printing additional
bits.  Furthermore, if your color level is set to 'normal' or 'complete,
you are going to send (at least) an additional 9 characters for each field
that is in color.  I count 14 things in color, so there's an automatic
overhead of 126 bytes right there.

Given that there is an overflow in the stock code, perhaps changing the
buffer size to at least acommodate that isn't a bad idea.


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