Re: [OasisOLC] RedHat Linux 8.0 Upgrade

From: Michael W. Cocke (
Date: 11/12/02

In <>, on 11/11/2002
   at 08:34 PM, Mythran <kip_potter@HOTMAIL.COM> said:

>I upgraded to RedHat Linux 8.0 from 7.2 and now when I compile the
>OasisOLC test mud, all hail breaks loose.  Hmm..anyone else get this


I was unable to compile b30pl22 on Mandrake 8.1 - a wide and impressive
array of errors.  Compiled on RH 7.3 with no trouble at all.  I suspect
there's something about the newer generation of gcc, but I'm not competent
to say what....


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