Re: [Circle][Code][Bug] Sumomo bundle pack.

From: dave (
Date: 11/15/02

> It doesnt seem like to 2 things would be connected. What happens when
someone saves in any other zone. Is it a mortal or immortal character. Also
are they quitting or just saving. I guess one fix you could do is give every
player the LOADROOM flag when they start the game (in init char function)
but I think the problem lies somewhere else.

All I was doing was describing one of the symptoms.  Thats the only thing I
know of to date that will get the system to crash.  I've got no idea where
the problem resides, or else I'd have fixed it already.   The post was also
a kind of warning.  This is the second time I've started designing my mud
off an unstable bundle of circlemud.  Any of you out there using the sumomo
bundle pack should know that it appears to be unstable.  I'm not considering
giving everyone the loadroom flag as an option because I don't believe in
bandaid solutions to problems.  Thanks for the suggestion though.

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