Re: [OasisOLC] BugFix Help Please

From: Mythran (
Date: 11/16/02

> >.What this code is doing wrong is,
> >when I save, none of the data is saved to the file.
> Is there a cedit_write_to_disk you didn't post?

Hmmm, cedit_save() :P  And, the structure is blank before entering cedit_save so
it isn't cedit_save.

> >When I type cedit again, everything is blank, as if I am using a blank
> >structure again with no data loaded in it :(
> That's because you are.

config_info = OLC_CONFIG(d);  <-- cedit_save_internally()
OLC_CONFIG(d) = config_info;  <-- cedit_setup() would it be blank if I am copying the data over like this?  What do
you mean it is because I am using a blank structure with no data?  I know I am
freeing it, but right after, I am creating it and copying in the same routine.


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