Re: [OasisOLC] BugFix Help Please

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 11/17/02

On 02-11-17 06.40, "Mythran" <kip_potter@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>> Look at the line again; you're not copying data.
>> A detailed explanation is left an exercise for the reader because I have to
>> go meet some friends at a restaurant.  Hint: Investigate the '*' operator
>> in existing OasisOLC code.
>> --
>> George Greer
> OMG I can't believe I didn't see it!!!  Hrm, told ya I was sleepy when I wrote
> that !  LoL...
> Mythran

I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't patch in the next OasisOLC patch.  The
current management seems to take all sorts of odd stimula to stay up late in
order to make the unrealistic deadlines promised to the crowds. ;)

ObCircle: What will be included in the OasisOLC patch?  And why?

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