Re: Circle 4.x wish list

From: Alex (
Date: 11/20/02

Just a _quick_ response to some of the wish list (and please note that
these are items that we've had suggested many times before):

> 1. Convert to Ascii.
Already in the plans.  We didn't want to change the player file format
during the beta period, but the next stable version will feature ASCII
player files.  And ASCII board files.  And pretty much no binary files
at all.

> 3. Add Easy colors.
We have simple colour already.  The whole point of the CircleMUD
distribution is _simple_.

> 4. Add Oasis/Dg Scripting.
The plan is to either have OLC builtin or elegant and simple hooks so that
any OLC system is simple to add on, or leave out, dependant on your

> 5. Remove castle.c from the code and modify spec_assign.c ..
castle.c is intended to show _how_ you can use special procs to interact.
If we add in a scripting language, then we'll more than likely put
together a similar example using those scripts.

> 6. Remove all stock zones except zone 0 and zone 12.
> The removal of the stock zones would sure speed things up quite nicely and
> eliminate a few space issues.
Speed thigns up?  Space issues?  Do we have either of these?  Not to my
knowledge.  If you look through the world files, we present just about
every possible feature in those files that the code allows for.  I (I'm
not sure about the rest of the guys) am _not_ interested in trying to keep
a source package and a world package.  What's next, separate docs?
Separate general lib files?

> 7. Add Misc modifications.
Small features will likely be added, but the general direction and aim of
the CircleMUD project is to make a _simple_ and easily extensible mud
server without too many extra features.  If you want features already
added, use Smaug or one of the ROM variants.

Of course, things will change over the next 10 years.  Who even knows who
will send out the announcement for the next edition of CircleMUD.  It
could even be someone that none of us have ever met.


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