Affected Modifier Issues

From: David Cole (
Date: 11/20/02


I've recently been adding spells and skills, and I've come across something
annoying and interesting at the same time:

    af[0].BitvectorTwo = AFFTWO_VITALITY;
    af[0].location = APPLY_HIT;
    af[0].modifier = (GET_HIT(ch) * 3);
    af[0].duration = (GET_LEVEL(ch) / 2);
    accum_duration = FALSE;
    to_vict = "&cBYou feel vitalized!&cn";

Now af.modifier is an int, (was shit_int (signed short int)) but I made it
and int hoping that it would resolve the issue I'm having (Of course it
didn't). I did the same with hit, and max_hit in char_point_data. What its
doing is if anything over 110 on the modifier becomes another other then
what it is. So if I make the mod 500 and my max_hit are 100, i'll end up
with 12 max_hit rather then 600. It's very odd. Everything in handler.c
dealing with affects is stock minus adding in various places for new
bitvetors for AFFTWO, AFFTHREE etc etc.

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