Re: Ascii OBJ files

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 11/21/02

From: "Marcelus Trojahn" <mtrojahn@LAGOSNET.COM.BR>
>   Is there any ascii objects snippet that actually works with bpl22?
I'm afraid not, so your best bet is to use the one on the ftp site and
then adjust it to your needs, as you have done.

>   The  snippet  at  the  FTP is a lot incompatible... After a great code
>   hacking  I  made  that  works  but it is always logging (when a player
>   connects)  that  he  has not a valid rent code... I dont have any idea
>   why its happening...

Try logging the rent code when saving and when loading. simple statements
like this should do it:

log("obj_save: %s rent code : %d", GET_NAME(ch), rentcode);

This way you can see if it's the save or load mechanism that's giving
the problem. When you know that, concentrate on that part next.
>   PS.: I hope you guys can understand my poor English...

We've seen worse :)


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