From: Kevin Dethlefs (
Date: 11/22/02

I would like to put in a lot of the old commands from my BPL18, but I can't.
Right now, I am trying to put in the commands into a BPL21. Someone wanna
help me do this? I don't know enough here. It's seriously annoying.
When are we going to have patches and snippets ready for BPL21? Or can
someone please explain to me the dif between BPL18 and 21, so I can make some
changes to the code I put in? Heck, who knows, maybe now I found a real
reason to make the dedication to C, and learn it. Or not. C ya.

Thanks in advance,

Kevin Dethlefs

"You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because you're all the same."
"I'm all for a democracy. When does the USA become a democracy?"
"I plead the fifth."

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