Re: Circle 4.x wish list

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 11/22/02

On Sat, 23 Nov 2002, Thomas Arp wrote:

> lisp (gcl2.4.3) is roughly 12MB, perl 5.8.0 takes up a stunning 48MB and
> python 2.2.2 is 29MB.

The standard libraries for these languages are quite expansive; especially
for Common Lisp.  In the case of Lisp, there are many quite small
implementations around -- including a simple interpreter implemented in
JavaScript and weighing in at 13K.  For Python and Perl, many UNIX and
most Linux systems feature one or both out of the box, so the issue is
moot on those systems.

> The corresponding number for dg scripts is 790KB, and with that it
> already has ten times the funtionality of the lua package currently
> available.

How are you defining functionality?  Lua is a complete, procedural
programming language featuring garbage collection, first-class functions,
continuations, and associative arrays (which can be used for representing
actual data structures).  Its standard library provides support for
mathematics, file I/O, and string handling.

To my knowledge, DG scripts implements none of these (primarily because
its niche application does not require it).

> Functionality comes at a price. Seen from my perspective most shell
> scripts and perl scripts look like greek[1]. I've never seen a lua script,
> so I figure it'd be the same.

Given the following example of DG scripts (stolen from the DG scripts

  mob greet test~
  0 g 100
  if %direction%
    say Hello,, how are things to the %direction%?
    say Where did YOU come from,

the hypothetical Lua equivalent would be:

  function exGreetTest (me, actor, direction)
    if direction then
      me:say "Hello, " .. .. ", how are things to the " ..
               direction .. "?"
      me:say "Where did YOU come from, " .. .. "?"


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