Re: Rectangular Map

From: Tseran (
Date: 11/24/02

> So my question is this:
> How does the overland mapping work? I know somehow the room sectors are
> assigned to a array like map[a][b], but then after that, how does it
> get
> printed properly to a 78x12 rectangle? This is something I want to
> understand, if only someone could take the time to explain it? :)

I didn't like any of the ones on the site, so I made my own.  After
doing that, I realized just how inadequate the ones there are.  They
don't have nearly enough sanity checks.  And no, I won't post mine, its
too integrated into the system and dependent on things that I don't
want to share.  However, here is some insights.

To map, I use the character's X,Y position, then the routine maps from
-5 to +5 in each direction from it.  Takes a little work, but its
do-able.  You also need to consider what happens f the person is at the
edge of one map and next to another.
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