Re: Circle 4.x wish list

From: Axel Trocha (
Date: 11/25/02

> In terms of the MySQL thing... i'm not sure MySQL is a good choice
> for a mud: you need data integrity and speed on updates, IMO you
> need full transactions and row-level locking: atomic operations don't cut
> it here, for something this intensive and complex. I think maybe you
> need something more like PostgreSQL if you want to use a RDBMS, but
> i'm not convinced that's the right thing.

If the MUD base would be remotely based on circle, you won't need locking
anyways :)

Besides that, it does not matter if it is MySQL or Postgres, since any
external database would just add too much unneeded overhead. I do not even
want to imagine to access a database in some time-critical heartbeat()
function (e.g. mobact.c)

Databases would be fine for loading prototypes at startup and for eventually
storing these. They are fine anywhere where highest performance is _not_
needed, but for all other cases the currenty used table system is perfectly
fine. It is not stylish, but it is highly efficient for what it is used.


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