[Coding Venture][Star Wars]

From: Jeremy M. (jkm4802@hotmail.com)
Date: 11/25/02

Good GOD,
I just downloaded SWR 1.0 to take a look at it (Yeah yeah, I know), I just
happen to be a really huge fan of Star Wars and was interested in a Hack/RPG
type mud in that genre. Unfortunately, after reviewing the (shudder) Smaug
code base, I find myself wondering how in the world people managed to stay
with it. :P If -Anyone- with coding experience would like to develop a
Circle based Star Wars Mud for release on the Circlemud site, I'd be more
than willing to supply a development site for it, hell I'll even help out as
I am available. All the brilliant minds and excellent coders out there in
Cyberspace, and SWR is the best we can do? I don't think so. :P

Jeremy M. aka Riodan

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