Serial/PW Generation

From: Tseran (
Date: 11/28/02

I am looking to set up a system where with 3 pieces of information
(Character name, race as a number, date of expire) can be turned into a
password, and then turned back into the information.  However, I have
no idea where to start with this.  What I am looking to do is setup a
system where certain races are restricted, but with the proper
password, given by an immortal, you can choose a restricted race.  With
the expiration date, you can set it so that the player must make the
character by a certain date, and with a certain name.  Basically, the
player enters the password, and it checks: is the name the same? is the
password expired?  If it passes, it gets the race from the password and
sets it.

Can anyone help me start something like this, perhaps some links or
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