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From: Tseran (
Date: 12/01/02

On Point #1

Interesting that you mention my favourite Infocom games, especially
since I recently found an interpreter that allows you to use any of the
old games on Linux, and by that token, generate your own games.  But as
you said, getting a zone with that kind of complexity is extremely
important.  Most builders really aren't that savvy with programming.  I
am one of the exceptions, since I plan to build my entire MUD by
myself, since I am the only one who knows what I want.  There are
really two ways I can think of to make the system easy for
non-programmers: #1. Make all the most commonly used concepts pre-coded
like MOB flags, or #2. Have the language so like plain english it is
easy to understand.  The first requires enourmous coding overhead,
making dozens and dozens of functions.  It would be a terribly
difficult task, but would be easy to update.  In some ways, I feel that
the DG scripts are the closest to this ideal since you do need to code
the functions, but instead of being hard coded, they are soft coded.  A
system like on MUSH servers, which is almost entirely soft coded for
non-base functions, is a great concept, but again, you need to know the
language.  The second...well, the closest language I can think of to
this is Applescript, which is like Javascript, but with more plain
english style usage.  Putting something like this in will be incredibly
complex.  Personally, I love the idea of adding in a scripting system,
but I don't want something that is too resource and code intensive.

On Point #2

I don't agree with the people that say we need to implement (insert
language here).  So that means I agree with you, but for different
reasons.  Forcing those who are not familiar with language A to learn
it because someone else is familiar and more comfortable with it is
equally rude.  It also heads back to point #1, if it is designed for
non-programmers, why use an existing programming language?  I don't
like learning new languages when the ones I have work just fine.  I
mean when I heard that I could program my Lego Mindstorms with an
almost C language instead of the one that was included, I just about
jumped for joy.  I am used to the C language, and have grown accustomed
to it.  I like it.  (And yes, I have Lego Minstorms...since I went to
college to be a Robotics Programmer, for me, that is work related
fun...a toy that uses my job skills...and making battlebots with it is
a great way to pass the time ;)

On Point #3

A lot of the way you described the system sounds a LOT like MUSH
coding, something else I am familiar with on a passing basis.  It is
extremely useful, and you can do a LOT with it.  The system is full OOP
styled, but then again, MUSH is as well.  Room, players, objects, even
exits are ALL objects...they just have different properties.  They all
have the same basic structure, just a few things differ for each of
them.  While I don't think we should go quite that far, the programming
concept is sound.  MUSH is the essence of what we want in stability and just stinks on ease of use.  You can't crash a MUSH
with the softcode (at least as long as the server is updated) and you
can limit certain functions to certain people.  It is a great
system...but implementing it would be a royal pain.  Personally, I am
more in favor of taking some of its elements and concepts and applying
them to something we already have, and then mixing in some ease of use.
  While there are some nice languages out there, starting with DG
Scripts as the base is a good place IMHO.  It already has a lot of the
functionality that we want, we just need to add in a few more traps for
certain events, or possibly make a universal event trapping system for
it, and then work on the other points, and it could be exactly what we
all want.

>         Also, my personal respect if you read everything, wow, you're
> dedicated.

Thanks Patrick, I hope I could add something to the discussion on this,
as I am very interested in the continuing development of the server.
And good to have you back.
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