Re: Serial/PW Generation

From: Ronald Fenner (
Date: 12/02/02

On Sunday, December 1, 2002, at 06:07  PM, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>>>         Sounds like you're making software licence certificates.
>>> This
>>> shouldn't be too hard, the only trick is to make sure that no one
>>> else
>>> can make their own.
>> Very similar, yes.  However, the setup only gives the person 2 of the
>> 3
>> pieces of information.  Unless they figure out what number each of the
>> non-standard races are, they can't get that third piece, there is some
>> measure of security.
man you guys are going way overboard on this. this would be the thing
to do if the player had control of the program and files, ie it ran on
their machine but it doesn't.

Now since you have control over all the files you really don't need to
implement something so sophisticated. as i said in an earlier post your
going to need a command to set up the ability to access the race why
not just create the characters file storing the name of the character
they want a password that they provide and have a tag with the date at
which this special characters creation expires.

then all they have to do is log in as normal and the mud sees that they
need to create their new character and they can access the restricted

this solves the security in that only that character was specified to
have access to the restricted characters and once created they cant
access it again with out asking for an immortal to set them up.


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