Re: Treating a character string array pointer as a stream

From: Tseran (
Date: 12/02/02

On Monday, December 2, 2002, at 11:42  AM, Patrick Dughi wrote:
>         Er.  Why would you want to do that? .. first things first

Basically, any room that is defined as a map room (by a ROOM_ flag)
will have a description as standard.  But, instead of displaying the
description, it displays the map around you and your position on it.
During the loading sequence of the MUD, once it detects a room that has
the ROOM flag for a map room, it sends the room to a second parsing
function.  A map room description has its own format like this:

/* These lines are optional and can be repeated to make more custom
room names */
R <sector type> <character>
<Room title>*
/* This ends the repeatable part.  You can have as many as you want */
<map, layed out with the characters in a grid, single characters>

I have the parser set up to read the description and keep ignoring it
until it gets that $, then it reads the map with its parsing.  Its the
first part, where it reads the sectors, character and titles I am
worried about.  Although with some work, I am going to just rewrite the
functions I need to do.
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