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Date: 12/04/02

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Subject: [CIRCLE] 128 bit bug

> In shop.c there is a comparison of GET_OBJ_EXTRA(obj1) and
> GET_OBJ_EXTRA(obj2), this needs to be changed from:
> {in function same_obj()}
> if GET_OBJ_EXTRA(obj1) != GET_OBJ_EXTRA(obj2)
> return (FALSE);
> it needs to be changed to:
> if GET_OBJ_EXTRA(obj1)[0] != GET_OBJ_EXTRA(obj2)[0]
> return (FALSE);


I probably overlooked this case, and since the compiler didn't complain
about it (Quite logical), I simply forgot. Here is the fix, probably

  int i;

  for (i = 0; i < EF_ARRAY_MAX; i++)
    if (GET_OBJ_EXTRA_AR(obj1, i) != GET_OBJ_EXTRA_AR(obj2, i))
      return (FALSE);

> additional lines need to be added to check for [1], [2] and [3] as well.
> The upshot of not doing this is that items will load with only a
> single item available as opposed to the 'Unlimited' that shop produced
> items are supposed to have, several other minor problems are fixed also
> as other sections also call on the 'same_obj()' function.

I actually heard this problem before, but having no problems in my own
mud (In which I did probably adjust this), I disregared it.
    Anyhow, new version will come out when the new oasisolc is released,
with the bugfix.

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