Re: [OasisOLC] Almost Finished

From: Tseran (
Date: 12/06/02

On Saturday, December 7, 2002, at 12:09  AM, Mythran wrote:
> Not yet, but in development!  ZDELETE

And here I was going to suggest the magical command "nuke" to destroy
an entire zone....of course, with my command, you would just load up
the new zone entitled "Nuclear Wasteland" where mobs are melting and
dying.  :D

Glad to see you're on top of it Mythran, can't wait to see the end
result.  Who knows, maybe I will have a release or two ready by the
time you are ready with Oasis....I have been working on the Autoquest
system and making it a LOT more versatile and Oasis 2.0 compatible.  ;)
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