Re: [BUG] Usurped by Players

From: Xerin (
Date: 12/07/02

--- "Jeremy M." <jkm4802@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this bug
> or did in the past, but
> for some odd reason, once in a great while a player
> logs in and usurps my
> Implementor character. Not the character itself mind
> you, but it steals my
> connection from me (so to speak). I spoke with a
> fellow Implementor and she
> also experiences this problem, any ideas what it may
> be or if there is a fix
> out there for it?

I haven't done anything with Circle from BPL17,
but sounds like some players have you same ID number.
You runing ascii pfiles? You might have installed
them wrong.  I had this problem once and I screwed
up a line of code and I got usurped everytime someone
made a char.


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