Re: Unified account with many characters

From: Vladimir Romanov (
Date: 12/08/02

Hello there, Torgny!

Sunday, December 8, 2002, 4:47:44 PM, you wrote:

TB> If you see any immediate flaws in what I proposed, have suggestions, or just
TB> think the idea plain sucks, or if you think this is a cool idea and perhaps
TB> want something like this for your own CircleMUD, please let me know.  Right
TB> now it will be coded for a CircleMUD bpl21, but it's going to be upgraded to
TB> 3.1 before long, and as of now, most saving and loading uses MySQL, which
TB> can easily be altered to the ASCII pfiles and such with little fuss.

Thumbs up! Was the very idea I was going to implement, but since it's
already in works, I would love to see your implementation. So make
this baby work. ;)

With best regards,
Vladimir "Rovlad" Romanov

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