Re: MS Access Database & Circle MUD

From: Ronald Fenner (
Date: 12/11/02

> I've been scouring the internet for about two days now trying to find
> some
> information on using C/C++ (mainly on a circle MUD server) to write
> and read
> from a MS Access Database. Well I've managed to find a virtual dump of
> nothing, or everything not related to what I'm trying to do.
> So now, I scream to the list for help and advice. What I'm thinking
> about
> doing is using a MS Access Database to store all information from/for
> the
> MUD. Players, player objects, world files, zone files, etc etc. I'm
> using
> MSVC++ 6.0, on a WIN32 platform (Windows 2k AS).

well it took me about 5 mitnues to locate this article talking about
accessing access files with VC++

and here is something from microsoft that talks about data access
programming that should help you to begin to get started.


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