Re: [Code] do_set - name changing and log output.

From: Jeremy M. (
Date: 12/12/02

In Response to Paolo's response:

Hey Paolo,
It's no big deal, I only mildly felt like I was being assualted by the
"RTFM" advice, but I also realized that with the highly real flood of 12
year old administrators whom simply ask for code without attempting to learn
anything, that it becomes sorely obvious that responses like that are
necessary at times. It was really a simple mistake, I had the code done
right, just overlooked where I put it rather blindly. However, like I tell
everyone who emails me or asks me about code, I myself am a novice and do
not claim in any aspect to be a "coder" nor can I hope to ever become a
"coder" by simply playing with CircleMud source. :P Most I will ever aspire
to is a "hack" because the coding skills and spectrum vastly exceed the
scope of a simple Mud. :P

I myself am at a point where I'm finally understanding the concepts and I've
grown a spine enough to go into the code, make my changes and either fix,
add or break things. In some aspects I lack the guidance of a mentor or
senior coding person, but in others I'm catching on and doing this on self
determination and for the most part I'm proud of what I've learned through
books and code and break experience. :)

It is also very very obvious that the only way to be successful as a MUD
Implementor/Administrator in this day and age IS to learn how to code so
that you do not need to depend on others to help bring the picture in your
mind to life on the screen for others.  I've been in this forum and doing
the MUD thing for as long as I care to remember (Thanks Jeremy, Alex,
George, and the rest of CircleMud for addicting me and causing me to spend
billions of hours tapping away at keys :P )

The only thing I can really suggest for those other determined and serious
souls whom want to code on their own muds is to invest in a book, "The C
Primer Plus" by the Waite Group is real good, and to get in there and hit
the code with a hammer, see what happens and fix it. :P

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