Re: EasyColor 2.2 and CircleMUD 3.1

From: Vladimir Romanov (
Date: 12/14/02

Hello there, Mike!

Saturday, December 14, 2002, 5:03:54 AM, you wrote:

MS> I've modified mine to stack colors (so &n's just back out to the
MS> previous color rather than turn them straight normal.  I should post
MS> this part as a patch or snippet)  but unless I changed this part without
MS> remembering it, proc_color() has a line like out_buf[p]='\0'.
MS> before that, just add "strcat(out_buf, CNRM);"

Thanks! Didn't do exactly what I intended to (and crashed the server
each time it was called ;)) but I managed to accomplish what I wanted
to from this point. Thanks again.

With best regards,
Vladimir "Rovlad" Romanov

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