NEWBIE: trouble with getting autorun to work

From: Ross Phillips (
Date: 12/14/02

Ok here's the run down.

I'm on a linux server (I'm completely new to linux/unix).

I got circle30bpl21.tar.gz from  (I chose this vesion
because it was the latest version I could find which I could match up with
any oasis olc versions with readme docs that made sense to me)

I unpacked it on my server with no probs.

I edited the port number on both the autorun file and the config.c file.
These are the only two files I had touched and the port numbers are the only
things I have changed, everything else is as it was when I got it.

From the circle30bpdl21 dir I typed ./configure an it ran off a smooth list
with no errors that I could see, gave me the licence to read, prompted me to
type cd src; make which I did and it ran off another smoth list in which I
couldn't spot any errors.

Then I back to circle's root dir, I type ./autorun &  and it returns

: bad interpreter: No such file or directoryrun: /bin/sh

The mud will run if I type bin/circle but it shuts down as soon as I log out
of my shell.

I've searched through all the FAQ's I could find and read all the readme
filses i could find. If someone could help me out a bit I'd really apreciate


P.s.On a side note, I have since successfully added the patch
dg_scripts_pl9_with_oasis_bpl21.tgz which I got from (the only oasis patch I
could find with clearly understandable instructions on how to install it and
what files to change.)  and it seems to be working fine so far. But I had
the autorun problem before messing touching that patch.

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