Re: [NEWBIE][Code] Race Abilities

From: Jim (
Date: 12/14/02

Using Circle 3.1 and just got 7 races added(by fumbling through using
walkthru based on older bpl's). Am attempting to add special abilities
per race and not sure which file/files I need to do/edit. As you may
have guessed, not a coder, just messing around, trying to learn stuff on
a non-public mud. I will post races and wanted effects, if someone could
just point me to which files to edit, and maybe an example format, or
three ;) of how to indicate wanted effects, since circle doesnt have any
race examples, I have nothing to go by. I am sure I can muddle through
the racial checks etc...
       Elf regen mana x2 normal rate
       Dwarf See in the dark / +1 damroll
       Troll regens hp x2 normal rate
       Hobbit perm invis
       Shade 0 eat/drink / perm sneak
I know these are probably not balanced, but like I said, just learning
and can 'tweak' em later after gaining knowledge required to do so.I
have an old version of circle bpl 11 but it is so different from current
that it is not really helping me. Thank you
       Any help/advice appreciated
Please email offlist if you desire...

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