[OASIS] whats the word.

From: tap3w0rm (tap3_w0rm@attbi.com)
Date: 12/15/02

So what is the word on oasis are we waiting for George to
get back from vacation to see the final product or are
we going to get our hands on it some time soon.

The only reason I ask is because I am redoing my mud from
the ground up with 3.1 and would like to get the new oasis
before starting I am sure the rest of us are also waiting
for the same thing.

If you sent it to George to review is there any chance you
can just forgo that because he is on vaca and put it on the
ftp site and send an E-mail to those wonderful ftp guru's
and have them post it immediately.

I am just getting antsy on the whole thing.

I know it will get here when it gets here but I
figured no harm in asking

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